How long is processing/shipping?

  • Processing can take 1-10 business days. 
  • Orders during sales can take up to 21 business days due to high volume.

    Once your order has been processed, shipping will be 1-3 business days after tracking number is issued. Please allow the shipping carrier 24-48 hours to scan and update your tracking number.

    How many bundles do I need?

    We suggest the following amounts, depending on the length:







    28" and higher



    Can this hair be bleached/dyed/ colored?

    • Yes! All hair can be bleached up to 613 and dyed/colored as desired, but we do recommend that hair be colored by professionals to avoid any damage.

    How long does this hair last?

    • With proper care, this hair can last 5+ years. Remember, this hair should be treated as if it is growing out of your own scalp!

    Does this hair shed?

    With any hair that has been been manufactured and stitched on to a weft, minimal shedding is to be expected. To avoid excessive shedding, each of our bundles are double wefted, which secures and holds each strand on the track tightly.

    Also, shedding can be excessive if you or your stylist cut the wefts/tracks, as the wefts are now broken and strands can slip out easily. To avoid shedding from cutting wefts, we recommend sealing the wefts after its been cut. We also recommend that stylist stitch and knot AROUND the weft and not through the weft of the track.

    It is also normal to get a few strands here and there when detangling.

    What's the difference between Raw and Virgin Hair bundles?

    • Raw hair is 100% unprocessed Human hair, extracted from one donor per bundle. Raw hair is typically double drawn resulting in a full and thick look from top to bottom. Raw hair can be bleach up to #613 from its natural color. Raw hair is sometimes considered to be “High Maintenance” because in order to maintain its natural luster, flowy, silky, and soft feel, you have to treat it as if it was your real hair. (regularly washing/conditioning, wearing silk bonnet/scarfs when sleeping or during activities that cause sweating, etc) Raw hair naturally comes in three textures (Straight, Wavy and Curly). Raw hair can last 5+ years with proper care.
    • Virgin hair is 100% human hair, extracted from 2-3 donors per bundles. Virgin hair is typically Single drawn; bundles are still full, but not as full as raw bundles. Virgin hair can be bleached up to #27 from its natural color. Virgin hair is very versatile and is available in many different textures due to steam/chemical processing. Virgin hair is also soft, silky, flowy and has a shiny luster with less maintenance required than raw hair. Virgin hair can last 2+ years with proper care.

    Both types are GREAT quality, can be bone straighten, holds curls well and are color friendly which means they can be bleached and/or dyed any color (We do recommend professional coloring). It just depends on the look you're going for and/or your preference!

    Can I change/modify my order after submitting?

    • Unfortunately, order modifications are not accepted after the order is submitted.

    My order is lost, missing or stolen; what should I do?

    • You must file a claim with the shipping courier. A. De’yar Collection IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost/stolen items.